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7 Ways To Dig Yourself Out Of Debt

Have you recently fallen into debt? Are you at risk of foreclosing on your home? Debt can be a crushing thing to carry. It can affect all aspects of your life, and feel very debilitating. This list is just some of the many ways you can help yourself become debt free, and live up to

The 10 Coolest Media Rooms We’ve Ever Seen

The 10 Coolest Media Rooms We've Ever Seen The 10 coolest media rooms we've ever seen. I'm sure a lot of people have dreamed of owning a home theater, or at least a tricked out media room. The lights, the plushy chairs, the biggest, brightest projector you can possibly find; it all seems so suave

Dreams, Goals and Aspirations!!

Dreams, Goals and Aspirations!!   Dreams, goals and aspirations!  A girl dreaming of a bright future in business, Paul Mitchell Hair School and working at The Razor's Edge Hair Gallery with Katrina Smid. Dream big dream's and set lofty goals!  It's about Dreams, Goals and Aspirations. Rich:  Ok so Tonight over dinner we were having