Dreams, Goals and Aspirations!!


Dreams, goals and aspirations!  A girl dreaming of a bright future in business, Paul Mitchell Hair School and working at The Razor’s Edge Hair Gallery with Katrina Smid. Dream big dream’s and set lofty goals!  It’s about Dreams, Goals and Aspirations.

Rich:  Ok so Tonight over dinner we were having this conversation about dreams aspirations and things we want to do with our lives. So Cori came up with a really good one, so Cori tell us whats going on.

Cori:  So picture this. I go to the Paul Mitchell Hair School for two years. Then I move to Canada, I work at Katrina’s hair styling salon. Then I go to college for four years while working for her.  So I still make money, but I get an education. Then I make my business.

Rich:  Make your own business

Cori:  Yes I make my own business

Rich:  Their you go, thats what 13 looks like. Dreams Aspirations and Goals!!