The 10 Coolest Media Rooms We’ve Ever Seen

The 10 coolest media rooms we’ve ever seen. I’m sure a lot of people have dreamed of owning a home theater, or at least a tricked out media room. The lights, the plushy chairs, the biggest, brightest projector you can possibly find; it all seems so suave and distant. This list is a compilation of the best home cinemas on the internet.  Thats right,  the ten coolest media rooms we’ve ever seen.  They’re guaranteed to have you green with envy – some of them are even themed!

1. Zen Theme

Zen Themed Media Room

Zen Themed Media Room Source

The bright red cushions and accenting in this room really pop against the dark interior of this room. All you need is some Karate Kid posters to tie it all together, and you have yourself the perfect zen theater!

2. Beam Me Up, Scotty!

Star Trek Themed Home Theater

Star Trek Themed Home Theater Source

Source: Acoustic Innovations

This extremely fun and techie home theater is a twist on the interior of a star ship from the famous Star Trek franchise. Complete with flashing lights and panels on the walls, and a beautiful mock-skylight with a view of the stars, this cinema room is a delightful nod to the cult classic.