You have one shot at life, you can’t live it according to someone else’s idea of how it should be livd.  Are you in the zone?  I hear it said so often, “I want to be doing what that person is doing.” We all have these people in our lives, the people that seem to accel at everything.  It doesn’t matter weather its sports, or academia.  They seem to always score the points or get straight A’s. But for those of us that are average, we seem to look at people that are achieving their goals and we are envious.
I would suggest a better question. What if you asked “what should I be doing?” We all need people we look up to, goals to shoot for, dreams to chase. But why would we want someone else’s dream? Why would I want someone else’s dream, when I don’t know if I can fulfill their dream.  I was not designed to fulfill their dream, to reach their goals.
I would challenge you, get in your zone.  Do what you have been called to do. Look at other people, learn from other people, but live to your potential, realize your dreams!