My name is Rich Nickel.  Thanks for stopping by and checking out my webpage.  Im hoping to give you a little insight into “Who Is Rich?”.   I grew up playing hockey in, yep, you guessed it, Canada!  But my wife Tracy got me to Texas as soon as she could! So the question you’re probably asking, how does a Canadian meet a Texan?   You meet in the middle of course. Our lives converged in the little town Estes Park, Colorado.  We spent our time together there at a school called Ravencrest Chalet.  After 5 short months in the winter of 1992, we left Estes Park, determined to meet again. Yes… she followed me home to The Great White North.
We married in the summer of 1994 and lived in Washington state for 10 years.  Not much time passed and 3 more Nickels came along.: Jessika, Rich II and Cori.   While life was busy with a growing family, we enjoyed snowboarding with the little guys in the winters and hanging out at the lake in the summers.   We also worked with the youth at our church, and often had a house full of high school kids.  By day I worked for Favinger Plumbing and by night we remodeled a few houses and acquired a rental property.  This is where my love for real estate emerged.

2004 brought us to Texas.  Tracy at home on Texas soil, and me, well, I was in a new world!  The Barbeque!  Tex-Mex!  Dr. Pepper and great people!  It was a new season with new opportunities.   We made the move to be a part of a management team with Tracy’s family, at a property called Kingwood Village Estates.  This was an upscale senior living property with a wide range of services designed to enrich the lives of the aging.

We had no problem finding new things to keep us busy in Texas.  True to my Canadian roots, I coached roller hockey at the local YMCA for both Jessika and Rich II, It was a little bit of Canada in the Texas sun.
Tracy and I continued to be involved in the lives of young people, as we volunteered with the youth at Encourager Church.  It was an amazing season seeing young people grow and mature.
It was during this time that Paul and Jerel came to live with us.  Brothers that needed a family, an opportunity to grow and pursue their dreams with the support of a stable place to call home.

Today, Jessika is becoming an accomplished artist, Rich is playing High School hockey, and Cori is our free spirit.  Paul is continuing to grow his management skills and Jerel is training at Lone Star College to be a firefighter!  There is nothing quite like seeing your kids take hold of life!

So as you’ve gathered by now, Tracy and I enjoy helping people.   How can we help you with your home or property?   We would love the opportunity to provide a solution that meets your needs.   We are buyers, not agents, just real people that like owning real estate.  It would be a privilege to hear from you.



To Your Success