FlippinRich with this episode of  That Nasty Pool


FlippinRich with this Episode of That Nasty Pool.  I got a phone call a couple days ago.  It was to come out and look at a project.   So I’m out here taking a look a round and checking a few things out. Now you can see the pool is a little green a little nasty, you can see the concrete around it looks great. The tile around the perimeter looks like its in good condition.

But you can’t see the bottom of it.

You don’t know if the pool equipment is running, if its going to be running properly once you get it up and going.

Now one of the things with property like this if you’ve got a pool, you’ve got to get this pool up and going so that people can see when they come that the equipment is working.

They can’t see what the bottom of the pool looks like.

Now this owners honest, he told me the pool needs to be replastered.

FlippinRich with this Episode of That Nasty Pool

But he’s telling me the equipment works properly. I don’t know if the equipment works properly,  obviously I cant see the bottom of the pool.  The plaster quality and what’s going on there so, I can take his word and just account in what its going to take to get this done.If your looking to sell your property, and you’re looking to get the most value out of your house, this is not the way to leave it.  Get it up and going, its spring time here in Texas, get outside, enjoy the amazing weather, get your pool up and going.  Even if it looks ugly on the inside, get it clean, get it usable, everybody can see what’s going on with it. It’s going to help your home value.

Now as an investor, this is perfect for me cause this is problems. I like to solve problems, I like to fix things, and I look at this as another opportunity to fix something that a potential family, homeowner is going to be able to come in and enjoy.

It’s a great feature, a pool is a great feature everybody wants one.

But you’ve got to position your property correctly to get the most value out of it. So I’m going to go back inside and talk to the owner and let him know what he can do and what I can do for him.

Hopefully we can come to some sort of arrangement that makes sense for everyone.  So until next time guys we will talk to you soon.

FlippinRich with this Episode of  That Nasty Pool