3 Steps To Sell Your House in Houston

The following are a few basic tips on the process of sell your house in Houston.  I’m a local real estate investor who work full time evaluating houses and talking with homeowners about their situation.  With my expertise and experience I see trends and changes in the housing market first hand and on a continuous basis.

One common question I get is “How can I sell my house in this market?” or “What are my options?”.  The answer is simpler than you may think.  I’ve learned three easy steps over the years that will help you on the right path.

1. Find the value of your house

At the beginning of the process of selling your house in Houston, the first step is to determine the true market value of the house. Depending on various criteria, this may be an easy or more difficult task. The best way to start is to find recently sold similar houses in your area. You
may be able to find some of this information online, but to get an accurate number it will require experience and knowledge of the current local market . The other options are to ask a professional, such as an experienced investor or realtor. After you have a general figure of what your house is worth, evaluating your situation is the next step in the process.

2. Evaluate your situation 

After finding the value of your home you have a few options to proceed.  Assuming you have six to twelve months to sell your house, listing your home with a realtor may be the best option.  Keep in mind there are a few steps that happen during the process of selling your house with a realtor.  Generally these steps include reductions in price to generate interest in your house, realtor commissions, fielding low offers, and multiple walkthroughs by potential buyers.  Even though I am not a realtors,  I have relationships with relators and am able to recommend you one based on your current situation.

Need to sell your house quickly?  The option of having your house sold for cash in two to four weeks
may be a better choice.  Being able to sell your house to an investor will avoid price reductions and realtor commissions.  You won’t have to make any repairs yourself.  However, selling your house in Houston to an investor may require you to sell at a lower price than the current value.

If you are facing a foreclosure or you owe more than your house is worth in the current market.  An experienced investor can stop your foreclosure and negotiate with your bank.  This can be very beneficial to selling your house in Houston.  If your house is foreclosed on, your credit rating will take a major hit.  You will have trouble purchasing another home or even renting in the near future.  Find yourself in a situation like this, your best option is to contact Rich Nickel as soon as possible.

3. Contact a professional

The benefits of working with a professional is that you won’t need to stress over your situation.  The great part about choosing the right professional is that it will increase your chances of getting your house sold.  A good professional will listen and offer the best solution for your situation.